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Small Business Accounting

Your accounting chores prevent you from focusing on your business. When you look for ‘business accounting services near me’ make sure to choose the one who handles all bookkeeping and accounting tasks from preparing financial statements to tax preparation. A professional accounting service, like ours, can help take the pressure off you and your staff. You can feel stressed from worrying about dealing with late payments on bills, missing invoices, pilling of papers or all the frustration of not knowing your business’s current financial standing.

We strive to do our best for our small business accounting clients by:
  • Decreasing Taxes
  • Increasing Net Worth
  • Providing Accurate Bookkeeping and Professionally Prepared Tax Returns

Full-Service Local Accounting Firm for Small Businesses Near You

With our thorough understanding of the tax laws and regulations and timely services, we are there to get you at the top of all of the tax deadlines while keeping your financial systems in order. At Don Thomas CPA, we get to know you to become an insightful business partner understanding your financial challenges and ready to deliver real solutions. If you want your company to grow, outsourcing accounting services for small businesses is a great way to start. Don Thomas CPA helps you to manage your money more effectively by providing solid financial information that helps you keep track of your business finances. With us, you always have a plan for achieving the financial goals for your business.

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    Looking for the Best Small Business Accounting Package? Your Search Ends Here!

    When we say, we are different it is because we sit you down to learn more about your goals and operations so that we can get set up quickly. With our experience, we help you identify opportunities for effective tax planning, improved cost reduction ideas and other factors that can help to improve the profitability of your business.

    Our Small Business Accounting Package Begins With a 'Business Checkup' or Initial Strategy Session on Your Business:
    • Analyzing the entity status (Sub S, LLC, C Corp vs Sole Proprietorship)
    • Reviewing and amending prior-year tax returns.
    • Looking into financial statements with the key numbers for better management
    • Preparing current year tax projection to help you understand your tax situation.
    • Maintaining a tax planning checklist to review ways to lower your tax bill.
    • Going over personal financial planning goals.

    Our Monthly Small Business Accounting Package includes

    • Fixed Monthly Fee
    • Unlimited Free Business Consultation at our office or by phone.
    • We keep in touch with you each month and take care of your bookkeeping and accounting so you can grow your business.
    • We communicate with you on a regular basis on your business performance so you will have experienced professionals helping you monitor your business.
    • We want to make sure your bookkeeping and taxes are done correctly and timely.
    • Our main focus is to be your business resource partner to help you reduce your taxes and increase your net worth.

    Schedule A Free, Initial Small Business Accounting Consultation with Us

    Don Thomas CPA helps you with all of these tasks to provide you with the professional advice that you need. We ensure all our services are scalable, which helps you in meeting your business demands without a way to increase your overhead expenses. Our accounting services for small businesses are designed to provide the financial necessities for tax minimization planning, profit maximization, and business growth. Let our team get connected with your small business by calling 407-599-4411 today!

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