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Tax and Accounting Solutions For Tile, Granite, and Cabinet Sales and Installation

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Welcome to Don Thomas CPA, where we offer financial expertise in the world of tile, granite, and cabinet sales and installation. As tax and accounting experts, we know that your industry is unique. Whether you're involved in retailing high-end tiles, crafting custom granite countertops, or installing stylish cabinets, our suite of services will help you optimize your financial strategy and drive your Florida business’s success in the interior design field.

Tax Planning and Compliance

1. Material Cost Deductions For Tile Retailers:

We’ll help you maximize your tax deductions as a tile retailer. Our team will work to identify eligible material costs, including unique and imported tiles, and help you take advantage of both popular and little-known deductions that will minimize your tax liability.

2. Section 179 Deductions For Granite Fabricators:

Granite fabricators can often capitalize on Section 179 deductions for equipment purchases. Whether it's advanced cutting tools or specialized polishing machinery, we will assist you in maximizing deductions for your granite fabrication business.

3. Cabinetry Installation Labor Credits:

For cabinet installation businesses, explore tax credits related to labor costs. Identify eligible credits for skilled labor in cabinet installation projects, optimizing your tax strategy. We are here to work with you every step of the way, year after year.

Tile, Granite, and Cabinet Accounting

1. Inventory Management:

Almost all businesses in the tile, granite, and cabinet installation industry have to deal with inventory. We’re here to help you streamline inventory management. Our solutions, including QuickBooks processes, integrate systems to efficiently track your in-stock products, ensuring you have the right items to meet customer demands.

2. Granite Slab Tracking:

Granite fabricators should consider implementing efficient granite slab tracking. We can work with you to create processes to monitor the movement of granite slabs, optimizing production efficiency and reducing waste.

3. Cabinet Project Costing Analysis:

Cabinet installation companies can improve their accounting processes with project costing analysis. We help your company implement the right tools to track costs specific to each installation project, ensuring accurate financial records.

Industry-Specific Challenges

1. Tile Import Duties and Taxes:

Tile retailers dealing with imports from Morocco, Spain, Italy, and other countries must navigate the challenges of import duties and taxes. Don Thomas CPA assists in understanding and managing the financial implications of importing unique tiles.

2. Cabinet Installation Permitting and Compliance:

Florida cabinet installation businesses are often subject to permitting and compliance regulations in various municipalities. This is especially true for new construction projects. We guide you through the financial aspects of obtaining permits, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

At Don Thomas CPA, we recognize that there are many unique tax and bookkeeping considerations within the tile, granite, and cabinet industries. Our specialized solutions are designed to make sure your business thrives as you help your clients create the homes and commercial spaces of their dreams.

Ready to hand us the financial reins? Contact us today at (407) 599-4411 or don@donthomascpa.com to explore how our services can change the way you do business.

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