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Tax and Accounting Services For Residential and Commercial Construction In the Orlando Area

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Welcome to Don Thomas CPA, where our expertise in tax and accounting is as solid as the foundations you build. If you're navigating the world of residential and commercial construction in the fast-growing Orlando, Florida area, we understand the unique financial challenges you face. Let us be your trusted advisors, ensuring your financial strategy is as strong as the structures you create.

Tax Planning and Compliance

1. IRS Section 179 Deductions For Equipment:

Maximize your tax savings by taking advantage of Section 179 deductions for construction equipment purchases. Whether you're investing in excavators for residential projects in suburbs like Winter Park and Maitland or cranes for commercial developments like ChampionGate, we ensure you're optimizing your deductions.

2. Local Development Tax Credits:

Explore Florida tax credits available for contributing to local developments like those in the Orlando area. Whether you're involved in the revitalization of downtown districts or contributing to the growth in and around communities like Davenport, we'll help you navigate local tax credit opportunities.

Construction Company Accounting

1. Project Cost Tracking:

Efficiently track project costs, ensuring accurate financial records for each construction venture. Our accounting solutions integrate systems to monitor expenses specific to residential and commercial construction projects in the Orlando area.

2. Subcontractor Payments and 1099 Compliance:

Navigate the complexities of subcontractor payments and 1099 compliance. We streamline the process to ensure compliance with IRS tax regulations, allowing you to focus on constructing exceptional developments in and around one of America’s most popular destinations.

Industry-Specific Challenges

1. Bonding and Insurance Compliance:

Address the unique challenges of bonding and insurance compliance in the construction industry. Whether it's obtaining surety bonds for commercial projects or ensuring insurance coverage for residential developments, we've got you covered.

2. Permitting and Regulatory Compliance:

Stay ahead of permitting and regulatory compliance specific to Orlando and its surrounding areas. No matter what project you’re working on, we help you navigate the regulatory landscape seamlessly – even if the municipality has complex taxation and permit requirements.

Profitability Improvement

1. Bid Preparation and Analysis:

Optimize your bid preparation process to secure more Central Florida construction projects. We provide financial analysis tools to help you assess project costs accurately, ensuring competitive and profitable bids in the competitive Orlando construction market.

2. Financial Planning For Growth:

Plan for expansion strategically with financial forecasting. Whether you're eyeing new residential developments or entering the commercial real estate market, we help you chart a course for sustainable growth.

At Don Thomas CPA, we don't just understand accounting; we understand the construction business in Maitland, Davenport, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, and the entire Orlando area. Our specialized tax and accounting solutions are crafted to drive the financial success of your residential and commercial construction ventures.

Ready to build a solid financial foundation? Contact us today at (407) 599-4411 or don@donthomascpa.com to explore how our tailored services take your construction business to new heights.

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