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Our Simple Accounting Success Plan for Small Businesses

We understand small business. We know your financial pain points – and we’re here to solve them. Our seasoned team is ready to dive into your current financial statements and tax records, unraveling chaos and finding clarity for the long run.

We Are Different!

We are a Proactive CPA Firm helping you throughout the year to make sure the accounting is done right and to help you save more money in taxes with tax planning before year-end.

Effortless Accounting Tailored to You

Struggling to keep up with small business accounting tasks? Whether it's bookkeeping, payroll, strategic planning, or comprehensive tax preparation, we have decades of experience to put to work for YOU.

Your business is unique, and so is our approach – seamless, efficient, and tailored precisely to your needs. We listen to your pain points, and then create a plan to make them disappear.

Florida Visionaries, Meet Action

Dream big; we're here to make it happen. Through regular meetings and exceptional communication, we go beyond the conventional accountant-client relationship.

We take a deep dive into your financial statements, dissect key metrics, and address your operational concerns. Together, we draw a roadmap ensuring your Florida business meets your goals.

The CPA Difference

We're not just accountants. We're architects of financial success. As a CPA firm, we redefine the standard of financial partnership. Our commitment to business problem-solving extends beyond compliance.

We're your financial strategists, guiding you to savings with proactive tax planning and accurate bookkeeping. Why wait until year-end when you can save now?

Specializing In Small Business

We’re a CPA firm dedicated to your small business triumphs. Discover the difference over 20 years of experience makes.

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Featured Services

Accounting and Taxes Done Right, Done for You.

Maitland, Florida based Don Thomas CPA has the expertise to take the weight of tax and accounting off your back. We want to help you focus your time in what matters the most–growing your business.

Virtual accounting

We're here to help you manage your books, no matter the size of company. For small businesses that need just a few hours each month devoted exclusively towards accounting tasks like posting payroll; for larger companies who want our full range services including tax preparation and financial reporting – we have the perfect package for you!

Tax preparation and planning

Whether you're a working professional or investor, it's important to stay on top of your finances. Our experienced team can help with any tax issues and give advice about how best to save for the future while making sure that there is enough left over each month just in case something unexpected happens.

Outsourced CFO

We understand the challenges of running a business and how important it is to manage cash flow. That's why we offer part-time CFO services, which allow you access at an affordable price point that would otherwise be impossible with full time employees or outside professionals; giving your company every opportunity for success.

IRS Tax Problems

We're here to help you through the IRS and state tax burdens. We have experts on staff who will personally work with your case, taking stress out of these processes so that there is less chance for error or confusion in filing taxes next year.


“As a company, we have had the pleasure of working with multiple CPAs in our community, and none has ever stacked up to the services we receive from Don Thomas and his staff! (PERIOD!) His Team is always responsive and helpful, and all our needs or concerns are answered promptly! In addition to providing Accounting - related advice, Don Thomas and his Team also help us realize cost savings resulting in increasing our revenue. Most importantly, they have a fantastic Team that is customer service centric!”

Aluska Harms-Richardson

“I hired Don and his team a few years ago when we outgrew our former accounting firm. This move has been one of my better decisions as Don's team and processes has saved me a ton of money. Many accountants are reactionary and I feel like Don asks the right questions so that we can we can plan ahead. I wouldn't trust my corporate accounting and bookkeeping with anyone else.”


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