When Should You Hire an Accountant to Do Your Taxes | Don Thomas CPA
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When Should You Hire an Accountant to Do Your Taxes?

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If you own a small company, there usually comes a time you begin to wonder if you should hire someone to take care of your tax preparation and planning for small businesses. While you may be tempted not to in order to save the fees accountants charge, there is a myriad of reasons on the flip side though. There are some big benefits to outsourcing tax services for small businesses.

Five Big Benefits of Outsourcing Tax Services for SMBs

Here are some reasons you may want to employ the help of a professional to do your income taxes:

1. Save Money –  Hiring a tax accountant can save you a ton of money. Professional accountants know how to identify the refunds and write-offs you are eligible for that you may very easily overlook.

2. Prevent Penalties – When you fail to pay what you owe, even if you are not aware that you owe it, you’re charge heavily. The charge will most likely carry a penalty which can add up quite quickly. Interest is usually added on as well. A professional tax assistant is much less likely to make such mistakes.

3. Planning – A tax accountant is able to assist you in planning for the tax year ahead. You’ll be able to save money and avoid delinquent tax penalties by planning too.

4. Professionals Excel – You may have a person on your payroll whose job it is to do your taxes in addition to such duties as payroll, etc. Outsourcing tax services for SMBs usually makes more sense though because doubtfully is your employee an expert on taxes. You are usually better off going with someone who knows taxes inside and out because they will find ways to save you money.

5. Additional Services –  Tax accountants are experts in many fields, not just taxes. They can help you examine the financial status of your business so you can maximize the money you make and minimize the money that goes out.

What to Look for in an Accountant?

When choosing a good tax accountant, be sure to carefully screen them. Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against them. Make sure they’ve been in your local area for a length of time. Look for feedback and reviews and a strong online presence.

Finding Local Tax Accountant Near You in Florida

To begin your search, go online and look for “income tax prepare near me” or “local tax accountants near me” in Florida. Once you have scrolled through and picked out those that stand out to you, screen each one using the method above. Then, set up a meeting with each one, beginning with the one you feel is the best. When you believe one is a good match for you, it’s time to start a business. If you become unsatisfied with your accountant at any time, it’s alright to move on down the list and find one that you are happy with.


When it comes to hiring a certified tax accountant, it all adds up to the fact that doing so can save you money and benefit your business in a multitude of ways. Generally, the money an expert saves you cover the cost of the fee. The sooner you begin your search for a local tax preparer, the sooner you can save money.