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The Best Maitland Tax Advisors

tax preparation - 6 Typical IRS Tax Penalties on Small Business Owners - The Best Maitland Tax Advisors

When it comes to your small business or personal finances, only the best Maitland tax advisors will do to ensure your taxes are filed correctly each year. In a quickly changing tax environment, it would be easy to fall behind on what you need to ensure your tax situation favors you or your small business. Call Don Thomas CPA today for the best tax advice and experience in Maitland: 407-599-4411.

We are the Best Maitland Tax Advisors for your annual tax filing

Don Thomas CPA has been helping businesses and residents with their taxes in central Florida for more than 20 years. One way we do that is by keeping in regular contact with our clients instead of waiting until the end of the year.

Tax reform in recent years has made several changes to personal and business taxes. Our team of trusted tax advisors stays on top of the changing tax environment. Such major changes can hit people flat-footed when they’re not prepared. Currently there is a bill for proposed tax law changes but it has not yet been passed by Congress. We are keeping a close eye on that process.

When you need the latest information and advice for your taxes, you also can read our newsletter, where we dive into a variety of tax topics to help our clients stay on top of changes throughout the year. You can see our latest and past issues here.

Don Thomas CPA can ensure you meet your tax needs 

At Don Thomas CPA, our team gets five-star reviews consistently. Clients laud our team for our attention to their needs, our customer service, and our skillset. Here is what customer Kerry Falconer said recently:

“We have been using Don Thomas’s tax planning for the past four years. Don has been preparing our corporate tax documents, as well as our personal tax documents. Don and his team are responsive to every request and inquiry. But what I appreciate most is the proactive approach he takes to gathering our accounting information. Don is always thinking and planning ahead. My experience has always been very positive and it feels great to know that someone else is thinking about what is best for the business and business owners.

 I would rate the organization very highly on tax knowledge, response to our tax needs and questions … . I can unreservedly recommend Don Thomas CPA, and have no doubt you will be completely satisfied with their services.”

 Don Thomas CPA is conveniently located in Maitland, Fla., on the outskirts of Orlando. Our team provides small business consulting, bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting, as well as consulting and QuickBooks. We serve areas throughout Central Florida from the Disney area to St. Cloud and from Orland down south to Deland.