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Small Business Consultation

You came up with the idea, secured the required capital and kicked your business into action. Now, revenues are growing with unlimited prospects. You have something big in mind but, not sure where to begin. A new space or including more salespeople or, probably renegotiate with the suppliers? Most of all, you have to decide if, you can afford your plans with your current and upcoming capital? As a small business start-up, you have to take care of a lot of uncertainty and may have a lot on your plate.

Looking for Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Consulting Companies? You’re at the Right Place!

With a free CPA consultation, Don Thomas CPA is your ultimate way to have a promising start. As companies experience high rates of turnover with their struggle to look for an accountant to help with the important tasks, we bring industry knowledge to advise you with strategies. Our accounting and bookkeeping consulting services revolve around results with a fresh financial perspective that looks into weak areas and implements improvements. Bring business dreams to life, we work with you to eliminate extra expenses, upgrade internal controls, fine-tune operations while enhancing cash flows.

Don Thomas CPA is Your No.1 Payroll Service Provider in Florida

Starting from ‘tax return consultants near me’ in Florida only gets you to a variety of options with no definite way to proceed. Managing your business proactively and coming to us, leaves enough room to plan ahead for going big from the very beginning.

Book Your FREE Consultation!

    With us, accounting takes the front seat while you provide superior customer service, manage employees, address inventory and delivery problems with informed plans. Our strategies keep you ahead of any shortcomings with services that help you plan a brighter future.

    • Cultivating a long-standing business with accounting solutions and reliable tax strategies.
    • Profit improvement strategies
    • Financial forecasting and budgeting
    • Cash flow monitoring
    • Management advisory services
    • Tax planning strategies

    Our Tax Saving Strategies that Help You…

    • Structure your salary to minimize the amount of personal and business taxes that are paid.
    • Strategizing income or expenses of different years to have them fall where it is taxed at a lower rate.
    • Minimizing taxes owed through investment choices of pension plans, contributions, and other similar plans.

    Don Thomas CPA – Expert Tax Consultant for Small Business Owners

    Let us do the hard work as your trusted tax consultant while you focus on what matters most to your business. For more information about our accounting services for businesses of any size or industry, Contact Don Thomas CPA today and schedule a free introductory consultation.