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Maitland FL Business CPA

Hiring Ideas for Small Business Owners - Maitland FL Business CPA

After retiring from a long career, choosing a great backup plan of opening a small business out of your lifetime trade, service or hobby is not a bad idea in Florida. If your plans for a ‘semi-retirement’ call for this, it’s time for you to do a Google search for ‘Maitland FL Business CPA.’ You’ll find Don Thomas CPA. We work with our small business owners in central Florida to ensure a sound financial picture while you experience the American dream. Call for your initial appointment today: 407-599-4411.

Great small business advice: search ‘Maitland FL Business CPA’

A lot of retirees aren’t so retired. It’s nice to have some cash flow. And it’s especially gratifying to stay busy and enjoy what you do at your own pace. Owning a small business allows you to control your destiny, whether you sell crafts, perform a much-needed service for the public or turn your hobby into a cottage industry.

Small business owners are seen throughout Florida  — a tax-friendly state, where small business owners pay fewer taxes than anywhere else in the United States, according to Investopedia. When you open a small business in Florida, you get this tax level plus added benefits. You can expect an expanding labor force, a growing population, and annual sunshine and beach access to attract customers.

Our trusted team has set small businesses up for success for more than 20 years

Don Thomas CPA has been helping small businesses succeed in central Florida for more than 20 years. Our team works to ensure our clients know what they need to set up the right tax entity for their business. It’s important to know the difference between an S Corporation and an LLC or a Corporation, for example. They are taxed differently in Florida. While you’re busy securing your space, licensing, and /or hiring, you’ll also need trusted professionals by your side to get you set up for success.

For example, while you may not have to worry so much about income taxes, you will have to collect sales taxes if you sell goods, and that varies by county. This guide to Florida taxes should give you a primer into all your tax collection needs. But when you hire the professionals at Don Thomas CPA, we are up to date on the latest changes. We leave nothing to interpretation.

Additionally, we stay on top of all the latest information and trends and report it regularly to our clients via our newsletter. You can see our latest and past issues here.

Search Maitland FL Business CPA to find your small business financial team

At Don Thomas CPA, our team gets five-star reviews consistently for our attention to our clients’ needs, our customer service, and our skills. Here is what customer Diane Cahelo said recently:

“We have been using Don Thomas bookkeeping and accounting firm located in the Maitland area for our business (Premier Pool Care) for over 5 years. Don Thomas and his staff are always there to answer any of our concerns and/or questions that we may have. He even does our own personal taxes. We highly recommend this company for any bookkeeping and accounting needs.”

Don Thomas CPA is conveniently located in Maitland, Fla., on the outskirts of Orlando. Our team provides small business consulting, bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting, as well as consulting and QuickBooks to small businesses from the Disney area to St. Cloud and from Orland to Deland and everywhere in between.