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Looking to take home more of your income at the end of the year? You need more than any CPA near me Maitland, FL. You need tax expert Don Thomas, CPA.
CPA Near Me Maitland FL
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CPA Near Me Maitland FL

Setting Minimum Purchases for Credit and Debit Cards

When you’re a small business owner, every penny counts. If you dread April and feel like you’re paying too much in taxes, you need a new tax advisor. Searching “CPA near me Maitland FL” is one way to get started, but you need more than just an accountant. Your business can thrive with a trusted tax planning advisor. Look no further than Don Thomas, Certified Public Accountant, located right in Maitland. Our team at Don Thomas, CPA, works with our clients to help lower your tax bill.

Tax CPA Near Maitland FL

Whether you need full-service accounting or just tax planning and preparation services, the staff Don Thomas, CPA, is here to help. Every small business needs a CPA they can rely on. We can manage your bookkeeping and accounting, including keeping track of invoices and issuing payroll. If you have an on-staff bookkeeper, you can still use our degreed staff accountants to make sure the books are being prepared correctly throughout the year. 

Tax returns need to be prepared accurately and on-time. We will make sure all your paperwork is correct and filed in a timely manner. What makes us different than other CPAs, then? We are proactive. You don’t have to wait until tax season to hear from us. We are in contact with our clients year-round, making sure they are planning for tax season.

How Can I Lower My Business Taxes?

In short, you can lower your business taxes through proper planning in advance. Making sure your business’s entity reflects your structure and proper investment planning can help save money on your taxes. You need to be thinking about these aspects throughout the year, not just at the end.

That’s where Don Thomas, CPA, and his trusted staff come in. We will analyze your income, expenses, business structure, investments, and more throughout the year. We advise our clients on the various financial aspects of their businesses throughout the year and discuss ways in which they might be able to lower your Maitland, Florida, small business taxes. For example, changing from a sole proprietorship to an S Corporation could help reduce your taxes. A knowledgeable CPA like Don Thomas can help discuss this type of change and whether it’s right for your small business.

Looking to take home more of your income at the end of the year? Go beyond Googling “CPA near me Maitland FL” and contact Don Thomas, CPA: your trusted tax and accounting expert. Located in Maitland, Don Thomas, CPA, serves the surrounding communities of Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Daytona Beach, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Longwood, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Park, Winter Springs, and others. Call now for a free consultation.