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Client Testimonials

Matt Walton – VP & Chief Financial Officer of MiGre Engineers, LLC: Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, & Plumbing Engineering Design Services

We could not have successfully achieved the various positive changes in our business, and resulting profitable growth, without the team at Don Thomas CPA. We highly recommend not only Don’s particular guidance and expertise in current tax law, but also in the intricacies of small business. Don is approachable, makes you a priority, handles multi-state taxes with efficiency, and provides a plausible business strategy. I sincerely suggest the professional services provided by Don Thomas CPA for your business and/or personal accounting and tax requirements.

Tom Baccus – President of Consultants Health Care Services: Medical Billing Service

I can’t say enough good things about Don, Julia and everyone else at Don Thomas CPA. When I first became a client, I did not know how little I actually knew. I was a new small business owner who was accepting poor service from the different accountant. If I was contacted by them at year end, it was surprising. Don and Julia are communicating with me at least monthly and if I have questions they are always ready to provide assistance.

As our business relationship has grown, I have come to respect Don’s knowledge and expertise in the accounting world and always welcome his general business discussions that we have frequently. Don is a great sounding board for different ideas and has provided me with information and contacts outside of accounting.

David Rogers – President Allogy Interactive: Software Development Firm

Don Thomas and his team are professional, insightful and a pleasure to work with. They consistently  go above and beyond to help me and my team address issues that  I may have overlooked. He uses a digital file system (Client Portal)  that makes it secure and convenient to get access to my documents. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a CPA.

Ron Bealieu – Vice President Clayton and Sons: Automotive Parts 

The staff at Don Thomas CPA do a great job! They are never too busy to answer our questions. They have helped us run our business more effectively. I would say they are definitely hands on professionals, they do what it takes to help their clients. We have had other CPA’s in the past 15 years and we switched to their firm over 3 years ago and are very happy with their service and desire to help their clients.

Adam Spegal – Managing Member Spegal Plumbing: Plumbing Subcontractor

Don Thomas and his team have and continue to be a key component in helping manage the growth of our business. Their due diligence and attention to detail are second to none. We wouldn’t have had our level of success and growth thus far without their tax and accounting expertise. They enable us to focus on our customers without having to worry about any tax issues that may arise.

I also like the fact they strategically look at ways we can put more money in our pockets not Uncle Sam’s. I highly recommend Don and his team for any accounting and tax needs.

Danny Tanner – Managing Director Aurora Case Management:  Medical Field – Case Management

Don Thomas and his associates continue to provide excellent, professional accounting support that always meets our needs in a timely manner. We appreciate their attention to detail and willingness to help us make wise financial decisions.

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