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4 Hiring Ideas for Small Business Owners

Hiring Ideas for Small Business Owners - Maitland FL Business CPA

Most small business owners are busy and are used to doing many activities in their business without the help of others. As they grow they need employees to handle specific jobs so they can continue growing their business. It can be time-consuming to hire new employees but you want to make sure you have the right people in place to meet the needs of the business and your customers.

Hiring Tips for great employees for your organization

Hiring new people is not an easy process but can give the business owner the assurance that business activities are being handled properly and timely as the business continues to grow.

Here are 4 hiring ideas for small businesses owners in Florida

  1. Determine the job skills and job activities that are needed for a position

 As a small business owner, you may come to realize you can’t do it all and that you need people to take care of different areas of your business. To make sure you are moving in the right direction you need to identify the key skills and the job tasks that need to be performed by a person you would like to hire.

Often a small business owner may be hard-pressed to find that new hire as quickly as possible due to the growth in the business and maybe focused on only asking those people in their immediate circle of contacts for leads on candidates. They should also consider using other sources on the internet such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or Craiglist which may offer a larger pool of qualified candidates.

  1. Review what you as an employer could offer a potential new hire

Most small business owners have worked hard to build their businesses by providing great products or services. The question is what makes your business a better option than other job opportunities or options in your marketplace.

Each day you can read or hear in the news that the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in years which means there are more opportunities for potential new hire candidates. You need to be able to show benefits your company may be able to offer such as insurance, flexible work schedule, vacation and holidays or possibly a positive, energetic workplace that would provide the new hire the opportunity for workplace satisfaction and career growth.

  1. Set up a system for a successful hiring process

What processes have you developed to ensure the new hire clearly understands their role as part of the team and what they should be doing each day to develop their knowledge and understanding of your business. They should be provided clear expectations and regular reviews with the owner or supervisor, particularly in the first 90 days to ensure they understand the expectations and are moving in the right direction to achieve the goals that are established for the job. The new hire should be made aware of both in a house or outside training that may be available to help improve their skills.

  1. Annual performance reviews

Establish at least annual performance reviews so the employee knows that they will be reviewed for their performance on the job in order to receive raises or promotions. This will allow the supervisor the opportunity to share constructive criticism to help improve their performance and to provide accolades for a job well done.

The objective should be to find the best employee for the job and provide opportunities for the new hire to meet the needs of the business and become an important part of your winning business team.

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